Ignition coil replaced, fixed misfire

Last week I had an issue with a misfire after the RPM hit over 4500 roughly. This put the car in limp home mode, misfiring the whole bank. Below are some screenshots of the error codes that would have to be cleared after each CHECK ENGINE light came on. I quickly pinpointed it to the ignition coil as my spark plugs are only 23,000 miles old.

I purchased a Bosch 00107 replacement coil which is the OEM part of the original Mercedes coil. Part # is 0 221 503 035 (Made in Slovenia) and replaces the OEM Bosch part (Made in Germany) # 0 221 503 012 / OE Mercedes part # 000 158 7803. This part is shared across different models, not only on the M113 and M112 engines.

Car runs smoothly after this, since I only had errors for that cylinder I didn’t replace any more as the coils don’t have a recommended maintenance time interval or mileage.