FlyingBlue 25% off reward flights to Europe from North America

For those not yet familiar, FlyingBlue (Air France / KLM) adds discount flight offerings. While most of the bigger deals are in Europe, they do offer Flights between North America and Europe at a discount. Last year my wife and I traveled to Israel from Atlanta for a total of 100,000 FlyingBlue points due to a 50% off award flights to Europe (and Israel and Morocco fall into that region for them).

Currently there is a deal from the following North American cities to the Europe region:

Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Cancun.

Of course there are caveats. While the European region destination is open-ended, the North American airport choice is limited. So are the dates. Must book between 1/2/17 and 28/2/17 and must travel between 1/4/17 and 31/5/17.

Better deals are known to show up (example the 50% last year). If you are based in Europe or else in the world there are some other discount offerings available. Check the FlyingBlue promotions page for details.