Bitcoin mining with Diamond ATI Radeon HD 5770

I got a new Diamond ATI Radeon HD 5770 and decided to test bitcoin mining. After reading all modes and trying them, I came up with the best settings to maximize hash generation that don’t crash.

I found out that the best miner is phoenix. At the time of writing this article the latest version is 1.50. Go to for the latest download.

I have been using ATI GPU CLOCK TOOL 0.9.26 for overclocking as it allows me to underclock memory and still use the Catalyst Control Center.

The settings:

I use the max stock 960 MHz as that is the max I can go without crashing. Since we need to underclock memory to 300 MHz from 1300 to get less heat, we need the ATI GPU CLOCK TOOL. This made my card cooler by 10C. Enter 960 for the Engine and 300 for the Memory and press Set Clock:

You can now open Catalyst Control Center and enable AMD Overdrive under Performance. Next, check the box next to Enable Manual Fan Control. It is recommended to keep your GPU between 50C and 70C. This not only extends the life of your GPU, but also decreases the rejected rounds you submit. You can now minimize ATI GPU CLOCK TOOL and close CCC.

Finally, when you are all ready, you can run phoenix. I fount that this command produces the most mhash/s without crashing, which is 212 for me:


Make sure your DEVICE flag points to the proper device. Run without the flag to get a list. 128 WORKSIZE is recommended for 300 MHz memory clock.


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