BMW 328i (F30) OEM filters

Below is a list of the available OEM filters for the F30 328i with the N20 2.0L turbo engine. OEM are original equipment manufacturer parts, often those are sourced to the car maker brand. When that part is labeled Genuine BMW part it gets a BMW part number.

BMW genuine parts can change the manufacturer but will remain labeled BMW. Therefore, having an OEM part is just a good even though it’s missing the BMW logo and part number.

Below you will find the most common filters for the F30 N20 engine and the part numbers. I am including OEM only, no third party brands.

Air FilterOil FilterCabin Filter
Mahle LX 2077/3Mahle LAK812
Hengst E1079LHengst E61H D215Hengst E2991LC

Here is what the OEM Hengst air filter looks like: